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the milwaukee road

You will arrive at the Railroad Museum at 106 East 2nd Street, Westby, Wisconsin, USA.


You will pretend you are part of the crew of railroad workers on a portion of The Milwaukee Road route that ran through Westby for more than 100 years (1879 – 1981).

milwaukee road
Become a Railroad Worker!

Two people will be recruited to participate in a simulation of laying railroad tracks and driving spikes. This will be a competition between the two people to see who can drive the spike the fastest which makes it much fun and a great photo opportunity. 

All aboard on the Caboose!

At one end of the depot/museum sits the original Milwaukee Road Caboose that ran through Westby in the 1950s.  A short video that shows how the caboose was brought back to Westby in 2009 will be shown and people may look at historic railroad photos, and displays of the importance of the railroad to agriculture. The tour will conclude with a walk through the caboose and a group photo in front of the caboose.

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