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logan mill lodge

If you don’t find the answer to your question please contact Ruth - call or text 608-606-2866 OR email  


You may also contact Ruth’s husband Ken – call/text 608-606-2466


What is the WIFI password?  



What is Logan Mill Lodge??  

Four fully furnished 1400 sq ft Apartments offered as Vacation Rentals for stays less than 30 days OR for Extended Stays of over 30 days. 


Rental Fees?    

Normal rental rates are shown on website. If you rent all 4 apartment a discounted rental fee will be given.  A discount will also be given if you pay rent with a check.  Extra fee of $100.00/apartment charged for one-night rentals. Ask about extended stay (30 days minimum, 6 months maximum) rental rates. 



Will be emailed to you through SQUARE electronic payment service.  Full payment of rental fee due at time you make the reservation unless other arrangements have been made.   NO REFUNDS.


House Rules?  

NO animals. NO smoking inside lodge. NO illegal activities. NO open flames or other devices that could start a fire in your apartment. No use of scent producing devices. Persons under age 21 must be accompanied by their parent or an assigned responsible person like a coach.



You will park in large city parking lot on Bekkedal Avenue between 1st & 2nd Street just 1 block East of Main Street near the water tower. Motorcycles can be parked in the locked garage on back side of lodge. Bicycles can be kept in garage or inside lodge.


Maximum Capacity & bedrooms?  

8 persons per 2-bedroom apartment.  The 4-bedroom unit can sleep 12 people. NO unregistered guests allowed in the apartments without permission from owner.

  • 8 of the bedrooms can be made up with 1 King Bed or 2 Twin Beds.  Please notify property owner/manger of your preference at least 1 week prior to check in date.

  • Bed sheets are provided.  Per state law, cleaning service staff are the only persons allowed to remove sheets from the beds , so please do not remove sheets from the beds when you check out.

  • Please sleep between bottom & top sheets on the beds.

  • Please DO NOT sleep on sofas/chairs unless it is a sofa sleeper or a futon or a chair bed & has been opened to make it into a bed.

  • Normally one pillow per person is placed on the beds.  Additional pillows available upon request.

  • Normally one blanket on each bed.  Additional blankets available upon request.

  • Beds in living rooms are made up with sheets only.  Pillows and blankets are stored near the beds or in closets.  Please remove all blankets/pillows if you close the Murphy Bed, Sleeper Sofa Beds, & chair beds.



  • There are 2 full bathrooms in each apartment.

  • Linens- 1 set of linens per person (set includes a Bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, & a bathmat) are provided.  Additional linens available upon request.

  • Please hang all wet linens so they dry. DO NOT leave in wet pile on floor.

  • Please keep shower curtain inside the tub/shower.

  • Liquid soap dispenser is provided for the sink in each bathroom. Showers/tubs do not have a soap dispenser. Most guests bring their own soap & shampoo, but we do have small soap bars & small shampoo bottles available – please request at time of check in.

  • Each of the 10 bathrooms are stocked with 2 rolls of toilet paper.  


Heating/Air Conditioning (HVAC):

  • There are 4 separate HVAC systems in the building.  There are 4 thermostats (1 in each apartment).  We set the apartment temperature at 70 degrees prior to your arrival, but you have control of the thermostats so adjust the temperature to be comfortable for your group.

  • Hot days: Please turn Air Conditioner off when you check out.

  • Cold days: Please turn thermostat down to 60 degrees when you check out.

  • Windows and ALL apartment doors (doors to exterior & doors to central hallway) must be kept closed if you have the heat or the air conditioning turned on.



  • Each apartment has a full kitchen (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, Microwave).

  • Please wash all dishes in dishwasher so they are sanitized by the hot water wash and heat dry cycles.  Only pots/pans used for cooking should be washed by hand.

  • Each of the 4 kitchens is stocked with 1 roll of paper towel.

  • Pots/pans, dishes, silverware, crock pot, toaster, coffee maker, provided.

  • No food is provided.  Grocery store is 4 blocks north of the lodge. Meat Market (3 blocks north).  There are 2 cheese stores in Westby.  Several good restaurants in Westby - most within walking distance.



There is a laundromat in downtown Westby near Logan Mill.



The most common damage to the lodge has been to carpets. PLEASE be sure your shoes are clean before you enter a room with carpeting.  Do not eat/drink in living rooms and bedrooms.   You will be charged a $100.00 per room extra rental fee if we find food or beverage on the carpets and have to call in the carpet cleaning service.


Respect for other guests.

Most groups are large enough so they rent all 4 apartments.  If you are part of a smaller group and rented only 1 or 2 or 3 apartments,  please be do not make noise that will disturb the people in other parts of the building.



  • Westby is a small safe city but please keep all exterior doors locked & deadbolted. This is to keep people who are not part of your group from walking into the building.   

  • If anyone who is not part of your group asked to come inside to see the building DO NOT let them into building. Tell them to call Ruth and set up appointment for a tour.

  • Call 911 using the phone in the central hallway if you hear or see any unacceptable activity outside the building of persons who are not part of your group. 


What are those strange noises?

  • You may hear the water softener running in the afternoon.

  • You may hear wind hitting the metal roof. 

  • You may hear the loud Noon Whistle.



Each apartment has a TV with cable service.  Ask if you want a DVD player. DO NOT change the settings on the TV without permission.  Do not connect anything to the TV without permission.



Please keep Recycling (plastic/glass/metal bottles/cans) separate from all other garbage. Please remove garbage & recycling bags from the apartments every time they are full and at check-out time. Recycling bins & a Dumpster for garbage bags are on NW corner of building facing water tower.

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